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Divine Quotations of Revered by Gurudev January 2001


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January 2001

It is not possible that comforts shall continue to exist in a place where there are comforts now. If it is day now, in a few hours it shall be night. Comforts are bound to be followed by sorrows. This is the basic difference between comforts and joy. Once joy is attained there can be no sorrow, no tensions.

If you wish to attain to joy then learn to devote yourself in life. You shall have to learn how to merge your soul with that of the Guru. You shall have to completely forget yourself.

Give all your problems, worries, tensions to me. You have to be free of them.

You have to be like an empty vessel when you come to me. You have to be like a clean paper on which I could write the formula to achieve totality in life, on which I could write about the Divine. Only then shall I be able to tell you what totality in life means, what joy means, what success means.

Only a Guru knows how to transform a speck of dust into the cosmos. Only He knows how to transform a human into a divine being. Only He knows how to raise the Kundalini from the Mooladhar to the Sahastrar. This is why the Guru is the basis of life.

One should be linked to the soul of the Guru not to His physical form. If the Guru is not well and you feel very perturbed, unhappy or disturbed without any apparent reason then know it that you are linked to His soul.

Totality is possible when the disciple places his head in the feet of the Guru and washes His feet with his tears. In such moments the heart brims over with love for the master and so overwhelmed does one become that one is not able to speak anything except utter devotedly – Gurudev !

A disciple is one who always feels like being with the Guru. He might not be able to actually be with Him because of circumstances but his heart ever keeps wishing to be close to the Guru.

I shall lead you to the Divine in this very life. This I promise you. But this shall happen when you lose yourself in my form, when you become one with me.